Originally founded by James Bell and Andrew Bain on 4th April 1831, Bell & Bain is now one of the oldest independent book and journal printers and binders, supplying high quality products across the UK and beyond. In 1891, Bell & Bain were made a limited company, under the name of Bell & Bain Ltd. By 2009 the company was purchased by Management Team, this is seen as the commitment for the future of Bell & Bain Ltd.


More recently we have entered the trade market producing high quality cookery books, full colour children’s book and novels, working alongside large publishers such as DK, Penguin Random House, and Harper Collins.

From our two Scottish production facilities, we service over 600 clients, printing major publications for clients including The Open University, Cambridge University Press, and Oxford University Press. We are masters of our craft, and we consistently deliver exceptional printing and binding services, making us the printer of choice for many leading publishers, time and time again.

In 2019 Bell & Bain merged with fellow Glasgow based printers J. Thomson Colour Printers, allowing us to be equipped for the increasing demand of trade titles being printed locally.

Our aim ongoing is to work together in partnerships with our customers, ensuring a solid basis where expectations are exceeded, and time frames are met consistently.


Future Investment

Apprenticeships are the heart of Bell & Bain, with majority of our management team starting off as apprentices here. There are various apprenticeships on offer such as: Prepress and Digital Print, Lithographic Print, Print Finishing, Administration & Engineering.

The 3-year apprenticeship scheme is provided by Print Scotland and our staff will complete this course in-house before receiving their accredited qualification at the end. Please contact us to find out more about our award-winning apprenticeship scheme.


Recently we have invested in the latest large format full colour litho presses and digital technology. We are the only book and journal printer in the UK to have these types of presses. Allowing us to halve our print production time and increase our print capacity.


Over the last 190 years we have built the reputation for producing high quality books with excellent service – from our skilled team, consistency, and investing in the future. To maintain our reputation, we follow our core values. 

Core Values

Factory Walk Through