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Hardback Book Printers

Bell & Bain are One of the largest independent
book, journal & binder printers in the UK.

They’re generally more durable, and often looking better than their paperback counterparts, so it’s no wonder we all love hardback books. Nearly all academic works, for example, are published this way. At Bell & Bain, we’re hardback printers who combine a long history and solid reputation with modern technology for a wide range of clients.

hardback book printing
hardback book printing production

We may have been established in 1831, but we have a modern printing facility able to produce full colour and black and white hardback books of varying sizes and pages for individuals as well as institutions like universities. We also have on press CIP3 calibration and a colour management control system guaranteeing colour consistency whatever the size of your print run. Equally, our highly trained staff are always on hand to ensure an outstanding final result.

hardback book printers
hardback book printer production

Finally, our expertise in casebinding gives your volume the perfect finish. It means pages are glued/bound together into a ‘textblock’ which is attached to the cover or ‘case’ made of cardboard and covered with cloth, vinyl, leather or paper. Talk to us today about using us as your hardback book printer, whatever your needs, whatever your project, and look forward to a superlative service from us at Bell & Bain.

Book printing &
binding industries:

  • Business
  • Finance
  • Scientific
  • Education
  • Medical
  • Religion
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