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Environmental Policy Statement


Bell & Bain is one of the oldest established printing companies in the UK. Founded in 1831 and have been at the forefront of printing and binding in the UK for almost 190 years, we specialise in the printing and binding of business, educational, scientific, medical and technical books and learned journals.

We have a policy of Positive Message in Promoting Environmental Benefits to company and client alike. Bell & Bain staff are encouraged and rewarded to ensure we have the best environmental procedures and policies at each stage of our manufacturing process including administration and dispatch.

We recognize that our manufacturing operations can generate environmental impacts to land, air and water and create general and special waste streams and we take all reasonable steps to minimise that impact, while still keeping sight of our business objectives.

Bell & Bain as a company will always use the safest, most environmentally friendly raw materials and products including chemicals, inks, papers and associated materials for the benefit of our staff, our clients and the environment as a whole.

We will have regular dialogue with all our suppliers and relevant regulatory bodies to ensure we have the most up to date information on products and best practice as to purchase, storage, usage, disposal and general management of such materials.

Bell & Bain also ensure that every member of staff is informed and trained as to these outcomes and practices. This is monitored via our internal auditing system which is then, in turn, externally audited.

The Company will ensure the availability of Environmental information and that the dissemination of information is processed through briefing, instruction, training and supervision for all our employees.

To achieve our company objectives the Directors of Bell & Bain will make available all necessary financial and physical resources and will take collective responsibility towards being an Environmentally Friendly Company.

Our commitment to the environment includes continually improving our performance, preventing pollution wherever possible and complying with all applicable laws, regulations and industry standards.

The Managing Director of Bell & Bain Limited, having regard to the overall operation and business objectives, has determined that, as a matter of policy, the company’s environmental management system will be based on the requirements of the Environmental Management System Standard ISO 14001:2015, of which, of course, Bell & Bain Ltd. has certification.

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Performance Improvements

Improvements in our environmental performance will be achieved by:

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