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Client Focused, Quality Focused, Business Focused. To ensure that the
environment within Bell & Bain is proud and to be the best of the best.

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Stephen Docherty Chairmansd@bell-bain.co.uk
Start Date: 25 Mar 1996

Stephen has been in the print industry all his working life; having had many senior production and sales roles within Bell & Bain he was destined to his current role of Managing Director. Stephen is the raw energy that is Bell & Bain, extremely passionate about company and our clients alike he has an attention to quality of product and service levels that is bordering on manic! Stephen has the vision and the leadership talent which is so necessary in this most important of roles.

Stephen Docherty


My favourite movie is Goodfellas. Having watched it a 1000 times! There is always something I missed the times before. Brilliant movie

My favourite book is The Shack. Strange book that starts very exciting and then becomes slightly boring and then it gets worse!.. But as it ends it twisted my brain a little and changed how I see life and death.

My favourite album is Phil Collins. Seriously live…. This was a hard question for me but this album links one song to another brilliantly. Especially with You Can’t Hurry Love and Two Hearts!


Karen Baillie Managing Directorkbaillie@bell-bain.co.uk
Start Date: 26 Mar 01

Karen started with Bell & Bain on the shop floor and has progressed fantastically to now have the huge responsibility of overall operations, this together with an active sales role. Karen is highly motivated and a motivator she has all the attributes knowledgeable, passionate and determined. She finds solutions with holistic skills and is highly energetic and committed.

Karen Baillie

Managing Director

My favourite movie is P.S I love You – even though I have to be a tough cookie at times I am an old romantic at heart

My favourite book is The Da Vinci Code – Since reading it many many years ago the mystery still grips me to this day !

My favourite album is U2 – Achtung Baby – After my teenage years listening to chart music this was my first real love of a particular band . This was the album that was around at that time and I have great memories of then and it contains my favourite song of all time – ONE !!!


Derek KenneySales Directordkenney@bell-bain.co.uk
M: 07736 269087
Start Date: 08 Sep 14

Derek is the new signing on the board. Having worked virtually all his working life in the print industry in various senior technical and sales roles. With the previous 17 years at Print Solutions Provider Heidelberg. Derek brings added structure and professionalism to Bell & Bain together with vast industry and sales expertise he hopes to emulate the passion and drive of his fellow Directors.

Derek Kenney

Sales Director

My favourite movie is Thomas Crown Affair (The one with Rene Russo) A classy, elegant movie, simple tale but with a subtly hidden moral and did I mention Rene Russo?

My favourite book is Sorry just could not pick one….”Round Ireland with a Fridge” by Tony Hawks is a real laugh out loud read. Crazy bet starts a journey with fabulous characters and adventure. “Civilisation” by Niall Fergeson the truly brilliant economic historian who explains the six killer apps on western progress from the 1500’s to the 1970’s and how it may now change!

My favourite album is “Live in Paris” by Diana Krall…. Timeless tracks, superb musicians and an appreciative audience along with the classy Mrs Costello on vocals gives a truly musical extravaganza in a genre that I just love.

Derek Kenney

David Weston Operations Directordweston@bell-bain.co.uk
Start Date: 16 Feb 98

David has overall responsibility of both production facilities and his knowledge extends to almost every piece of equipment and process. Hugely knowledgeable and an ability to get consistently the best out of his staff. Well respected and a fantastic motivator. Super quality conscious.

David Weston

Operations Director

My favourite movie is Avatar: I love this film because of the story line really grabs your attention and the special effects are brilliant

My favourite book is Trainspotting: I loved reading this book as it gave a strong message of people trying to escape from the different struggles in life

My favourite album is The Verve, Urban Hymns: this album is my favourite I can’t give a reason why it’s an album I have always listen to since I was younger and still listen to this album a lot today

David Weston

Alistair MorganSales Executiveamorgan@bell-bain.co.uk
M: 07792 538953
Start Date: 30 Jul 07

Alistair is a rising star within Bell & Bain he has gained invaluable experience at shop floor level in most areas of production which gives him an excellent level of knowledge in his sales position to ensure he can advise clients with a unique level of understanding as to the best solutions to their needs.

Alistair Morgan

Sales Executive

My favourite movie is Wolf of Wall Street. Although this is a fairly new film, I have watched and laughed at this film several times. My favourite actor and director combined to make a fantastic film. Lots of laughs/style and the soundtrack of the usual Blues music from Scorsese is the perfect fitting.

My favourite book is Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. I have always been interested in the conflict between science and religion and the book has a great story using modern day findings of science that could be used in a harmful way against religion. It makes you question the unknown and whether science will ever be able to give us the answers of creation. This book also introduced the illuminati to me and the past and present theories/conspiracies on this group are rather interesting/frightening.

My favourite album is Just Enough Education To Perform by Stereophonics. For me this is almost an impossible question to answer as music for me is my world. I love music from all genres and depending on which mood I’m in my favourite can change. The reason I have picked this album is that it was my youth and when listening to it takes me back to those days in the sunshine.

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