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Book Binding

Bell & Bain are One of the largest independent
book, journal & binder printers in the UK.

At Bell & Bain, we’re one of the UK’s biggest independent bookbinders, as well as one of the oldest. With household name universities and libraries among our clients, we combine approaching two centuries worth of tradition, history and knowledge with the latest bookbinding techniques and expertise at our Glasgow base.


Thanks to our extensive investment in our people and the newest technology, we’re able to offer individuals and organisations varied bookbinding for all kinds of hardback and softback books, journals and student theses. We’re as passionate about books, whether they’re newly published or have been in print for centuries, as our clients invariably are! When we’ve finished, bound books can then be packaged for dispatch in any way you wish.

book printing production process
book printing

Our clients trust us with their precious works to be their bookbinder because of the quality of the service we provide, and love our obsession with detail, as well as the suitability and durability of the materials we choose for each task. Talk to us today and learn more about our exceptional bookbinding services, whatever the task you have in mind for us. We’re always pleased to advise on clients’ options for binding and restoring items.

Book printing &
binding industries:

  • Business
  • Finance
  • Scientific
  • Education
  • Medical
  • Religion
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